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Rattan Woven Bathroom Pedal Waste Bin

Beautiful baskets from Vietnam

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Expected release date is 19th Sep 2022

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Pedal bins are so convenient for busy bathrooms that we have brought one into our Rattan range. It offers standard bathroom pedal bin functionality which hs an inner chrome and plastic liner. The outer is decorated with our high-quality tightly woven rattan.  

Dimensions : 20 x 25 cm (W,H)


Beautiful baskets from Vietnam - Our rattan range is made in rural Vietnam using local natural materials and empowering women to work from their homes using traditional weaving skills. Our workshop collaborates with a French designer to make high quality stylish pieces, that bring these ancient skills of basket weaving to a wider market.

Rattan is harvested from a climbing vine that grows in jungle habitats across Asia. It produces a springy, flexible wood that is extremely strong, one of the strongest natural materials in the world.

The rattan weaving industry allows the connection of the natural ecosystem and livelihood of local communities to stay in harmony and maintain their rural way of life.