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Watervine Rattan Tissue Box - with lid

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14.00 (cm)
14.00 (cm)
14.00 (cm)

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To match the striking tones and weaving effect of the  Watervine Waste Paper Basket we have a cube tissue box (with base). The lid lifts to place the tissue inside. 

Dimensions : 14 x14 14 cm (W,D,H)



Basket craft from the Philippines - Our Watervine range is made from the Nito vine, a slender fern plant native to the Philippines. The Nito stem darkens as It grows, turning from green to brown and eventually black. This mix of lighter and darker colours gives watervine products a distinctive appearance, different to standard rattan. The plant grows high up and is more challenging to harvest than rattan. In fact, it takes longer to gather the vine than it does for the native Filipino weavers to make the basket!

There is a long basket-making tradition in the Philippines, now a major centre of basket-weaving craft. The process is still done entirely by hand, producing extremely high-quality products.