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Zig Zag Moderne Decoupage Waste Paper Bin (wood)

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This is a bin to be adored, not hidden away! The dramatic yellow geometrical design on a white background is inspired by zigzag modern Art Deco design.

Base Material: Wood

Dimensions : 22 x 22 x 29 cm (W, D, H)

Wood craft from Spain - Our wooden range has a strong European design heritage. The patterns are sourced from young designers in Spain, Italy and France, who draw inspiration from the dreamy English countryside, the romantic Neo classical architecture of Greece and the glamour from the swinging Gatsby days.

Together with the use delicate techniques including decoupage (the layering of fine quality paper onto wood and sealing with layers of lacquer), gilding (the use of gold and silver leaf painting) and creative hand painting effects.

The fine hand finishes make each piece slightly different and gives depth and interest to the original pattern

The workshop that makes our wooden pieces is in Madrid, Spain it has a long-standing partnership with a charity that helps young people and adults with learning disabilities spend time learning traditional skills and allowing giving them support for independent living.

All the wood used is sustainably sourced.