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Must Have Bins - Shuj

Must Have Sleep from our room accessory partner... Shuj.

The Secret of Good Sleep

What we sleep in, as well as on, has a huge impact on sleep quality, which is why we’ve partnered with Shuj, an innovative bedding specialist to offer a full range of bedding made from finest silk.

The Zen of Silk

Shuj is an Italian textile specialist offering a full range of impossibly luxurious bedding. Sleeping with Shuj can be a transformative experience, thanks to the lightness, softness and ‘cocooning’ of the Silk Embrace, their innovative signature silk bedding set filled with layered silk. This layering technique is a traditional process used in ancient China.

Silk is an incredible natural fabric with a wealth of features that make it perfect for bedding. It’s hypoallergenic and allows for thermoregulation and transpiration, retaining body heat while allowing the skin to breath. Its lightness means the sleeper feels no weight, giving the sensation of a soft cocoon around the body and allowing total relaxation of the body and mind.

Sleeping with Shuj

Shuj have extended their range to include duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases in tactile mixtures of silk, cotton, linen and bamboo so that the Silk Embrace experience is not lost among heavy sheeting. You can choose from a wide colour palette with endless mix and match options, and even offer your guests a ‘sleep menu’, with a choice of duvet fillings, from silk to synthetic.

Luxurious lounging

Your comfort can continue out of bed too with Shuj’s loungewear collection, which takes their principals of light, natural fabrics to dressing gowns, slippers and more. This collection uses finest Mongolian cashmere and organic silk in natural tones.

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