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Watervine Rattan Woven Waste Paper Bin (Sml or Std)

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Our Watervine range is made from the Nito vine, a slender fern plant native to the Philippines. The Nito stem darkens as It grows, turning from green to brown and eventually black. This mix of lighter and darker colours gives watervine products a distinctive appearance, different to standard rattan.The plant grows high up and is more challenging to harvest than rattan. In fact, it takes longer to gather the vine than it does for the native Filipino weavers to make the basket!

A recent addition but has become very popular our stylish Water-Vine Rattan waste paper basket. It is in a tight water-vine weave, which is a darker rattan with streaks of very very dark brown to add interest to the design. Available in 2 sizes, Standard and Small. 

For cleaning rinse out with soap water and dry throughly.

Dimensions :

Standard : 24, 29cm 

Small : 23 x 23 cm  (W,H)


Beautiful baskets from Vietnam - Our rattan range is made in rural Vietnam using local natural materials and empowering women to work from their homes using traditional weaving skills. Our workshop collaborates with a French designer to make high quality stylish pieces, that bring these ancient skills of basket weaving to a wider market.

Rattan is harvested from a climbing vine that grows in jungle habitats across Asia. It produces a springy, flexible wood that is extremely strong, one of the strongest natural materials in the world.

The rattan weaving industry allows the connection of the natural ecosystem and livelihood of local communities to stay in harmony and maintain their rural way of life.