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Crochet Basket Black & White Weave | recycled plastic

Eco craft and empowerment in Burkina Faso

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Another design from our French partner Facteur who has been creating home and fashion products using recycled material to create employment for women in the rural communities of Africa for over a decade by using recycled local waste and combining their creative talents. The crocheting technique used produces strong and durable baskets despite them being made of carrier bags.

The waste is collected and cleaned locally, no dying is undertaken so the colours of the designs are either black or white, as this is the original colour of carrier bags in Burkina Faso where the products are created.

In this design, the body is made by hand crocheting threads from discarded plastic bags, by women in Burkina Faso. It takes between 5-7 days to create this design and uses approximately 100 carrier bags.

A versatile piece, can also be used as a plant pot, magazine rack, storage basket - endless use for this creative piece. 

Dimensions: 26 x 20 x 20 cm

Eco craft and empowerment in Burkina Faso - Our range of eco bins are designed in France and woven from recycled plastic in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Waste from plastic bags and bottles is collected and cleaned, then local women in rural communities crochet the recycled material into strong and durable baskets. Because no dye is used, the baskets are in eye-catching monochrome, the original colours of carrier bags in Burkina Faso. It takes up to seven days to create a finished basket, using approximately 100 carrier bags.

The women now get involved in the design process and many of the patterns are from their own inspiration. This light weight work which is done in the home gives employment to women from young mothers to older women in the family.