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We live in a disposable age. Household items are often throw-away products these days, bought cheap and replaced often. But drop into your local antiques shop and the beautiful things you find there were often the household items of the past. They’ve lasted and accumulated value because they were made using traditional handcrafting techniques.

Even wastepaper baskets, one of the most disposable of modern home accessories, were once items to be chosen and cherished.

At Must-Have Bins we’re on a mission to offer wastepaper bins that will be the antiques of the future. Our bins are made using those traditional techniques that create pieces worth keeping.

We’ve picked five gorgeous iconic antique bins that have been up for auction recently, and matched each one with a piece from our own range that achieves a similar stylish look. Remember, the first rule of buying future heirlooms is to pick something you love – it’ll be around for a long time!


Today’s Antique: Einar Barnes Rosewood Wastepaper Basket, 1965


Norweigian factory manager Einar Barnes taught himself furniture design in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He designed two wastepaper baskets in wood, the Oval and Rondo, that became icons of 60s design. This is the Oval version, from 1965. It sold at Bonhams for over £300.

Tomorrow’s Antique: Must-Have Bins Bone Inlay Wastepaper Basket

This beautiful wastepaper basket achieves the same warm effect as the Barnes bin by using another natural material, bone, inlayed in a mosaic effect.



Today’s Antique: William Haines Acrylic Wastepaper Basket, 1956

Billy Haines was an American actor turned interior designer who worked for glamorous Hollywood clients such as Joan Crawford and Carole Lombard during the 1950s. This transparent wastebasket sold at Bonhams for $212.


Tomorrow’s Antique: Must-Have Bins Lucite Clear Diamond Wastepaper Basket

Our Lucite basket is also American-designed and draws on a similar minimalist style to the Haines bin, perfect for modernist room schemes.



Today’s Antique: Martin Szekely Wastepaper Basket, 1985


Martin Szekely was a French designer working in the 1980s whose furniture brought functionality together with striking modern design. This bin, part of a set with a table and bureau, was listed at $8,000 to $12,000 at Southeby’s.

[IMAGE: ANTIQUES Martin Szekely.jpg]

Tomorrow’s Antique: Must-Have Bins Kumbo Basket

Get the same stark and dramatic architectural look as a Szekely piece with our amazing baskets woven from bamboo.


Today’s Antique: Jean-Michel Frank and Hermès Leather Wastepaper Basket, c1930


Jean-Michel Frank was a minimalist French interior designer whose furniture is characterised by the use of luxury materials. He designed a collection for Hermès in the late 1920s, and this simple but luxurious leather wastepaper basket was one of the iconic pieces from that range. It fetched $17,925 at Christie’s.

[IMAGE: ANTIQUES Jean-Michel Frank and Hermès.jpg]

Tomorrow’s Antique: Must-Have Bins Faux Leather Bin

Simple and sleek, our faux leather bins are still stylish but more eco friendly than Frank’s leather bin. Bonus!


Today’s Antique: The Simpsons Wastepaper Basket


Not all valuables of tomorrow have to be design icons. Get your hands on a piece with some character or a story and you could be onto a winner. This mass-produced metal wastepaper basket featuring The Simpsonswas owned by Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, and will be auctioned at Southeby’s later this year, with a guide price of £100 - $150.

Tomorrow’s Antique: Must-Have Bins Professor Airdale Dog Portrait Wastepaper Bin

It’s fun and full of character, something you’ll want to pass on to the next generation. Our canine portrait bins are the kitch conversation pieces of the future.

Vintage English Country Decor Waste Paper Bin Basket

Or Something More Classic English Country Decor Style

Antique Vintage Decorative Pretty Waste Paper Bin Basket

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